Our approach

We adhere to a simple service formula that revolves around planning, processes, and people.  

We take pride in our professional standards and our approach is personalised, practical, and transparent.

Good planning and organisation

At the commencement of all new contracts, we take time to understand the particular requirements of the building. We examine the Body Corporate rules, the property’s existing condition, the maintenance cycle, contractor arrangements, the long term maintenance plan, and whether there are any immediate or medium-term projects on the horizon. 

We then prepare a building services schedule that captures maintenance and other activities and projects for the next 12 months. This enables us to keep the building in tip top shape and to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Efficient systems

Smart use of technology, systems and processes enables us to work like clockwork.  We provide a free, customised smartphone app for every building in our portfolio. This provides residents and the Body Corporate with pertinent information about the building and enables us to notify users about upcoming events in or around the complex.

All our buildings are routinely inspected for compliance across a range of variables, and any issues that arise are promptly addressed. 

Sound working relationships

Owner/director Edward Rees-Webbe provides direct oversight and management of all contracts. This, coupled with a strong emphasis on developing sound working relationships with key stakeholders and service providers helps ensure we provide a high professional standard of service across the board.